Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday, park day.

I just adore these photos.  The sunshine was so gorgeous today.  This is us most weekends lately, when it isn't too cold outside.  We go to the park.  The boys are at such a cute age (2 and a half & 14 months) where they love to climb, slide and run and so the park is a perfect place for us to be.  I love when we get out of the house, period.  Chad has started his level two rotations and is finding himself very busy most days during the week.  but he loves it.  I love that he comes home with a smile on his face, eager to tell me about the day's victories.  The stress of testing and the classroom is gone and the excitement of applying what he has learned is here.  I'm so, so glad.

Avett has started talking.  He says ball, book, cheese, cracker, baba, elmo, poo poo and can point to his head, belly and mouth when asked.  I'm not positive but I think he outweighs Griff now.  A isn't walking yet but I'm sure he will soon, once he knows he can.  he walks with me while I hold his hand and he pushes his cart around the living room.  he climbs stairs like a maniac and whines like nobody's business.  He loves giving kisses, open mouth… watch out!  Griff is really into his guitar (uke) right now and gives concerts several times a day.  He loves baseball and hitting off of his tee.  I swear it's just a matter of time before he swings that bat at his brother's head.  or hits a line drive at me when I'm not looking.  Griff is quite the talker.  He always has a funny explanation for everything.  He's very independent during the day and must do everything himself.  His dad is his best friend.

This week we had an ice storm.  It was 30 something degrees, rainy and we even got snow one day.  The entire city closed down for about 48 hours and it was kinda fun- pretending that we had some real winter weather around here.  I'm really enjoying my break from school this semester.  Toward the end of last semester I darn near gave myself a heart attack trying to go to school, take care of chad during Menengitis and take care of my boys.  I decided to graduate from Weber and focus more of my time on the boys.  They will only be this little for so long.  and I don't want to miss it.  I've had more time to play with them and more time to enjoy Charleston.  plus, my house is cleaner.  sweet.

Happy February!
Love, us.


  1. Did you get a new camera? They look really nice. You know the pictures. Baby a is so sweet.

    1. Thanks! Yes we got a sweet little number for Christmas:)


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