Friday, May 31, 2013

when the babies don't sleep, you don't sleep.

avett at 5 months.

I could just shower that baby with kisses all day long.  He's perfect and as sweet as they come.  It's been a rough road adjusting to two babies.  I never feel like I have enough time or attention to give either one of them.  and i guess that's just the life of a parent.  darn it.  I am happy to announce that both boys now sleep in the same room together, all night long.  After 6 long months of co-sleeping with Avett and nursing him for comfort through the night- I knew it was time to move him to the big boy room.  Goodness knows I tried to prolong it as much as I could.  I love having my baby cuddled up next to me for a snooze.  but earlier this month, we all were miserably sick and not getting any good sleep.  during the day I would crash and be a crabby mess.  Not good for mommy or babies.  Or husband.  Or blogs and things.

We kept the boys in separate rooms at first, so we could let Avett adjust to his new crib without waking Griffin.  It only took about 4 nights for A to really understand that he could soothe himself and that a good night's sleep feels amazing.  Here is what I know.

The earlier you start the bedtime process, the better they sleep.  I'm not kidding.  We start ours around 7 or 730.  I've had people tell me the secret to babies sleeping through the night is to keep them awake as long as you can, so they'll be really really tired and crash once they hit the crib.  This did NOT work for my boys.  They became overtired- and fussier, and in the end it was harder to get them to sleep.  Earlier is better for us.

Routine is the ticket.  We try to keep things pretty consistent around here.  Ideally, Chad puts Griffin to bed and I'll put Avett down.  It's always been high on our priority list to be home, and present for bed time routines.  Griffin has really loved this special time with his dada- and its nice, knowing that in the hustle of life and our busy schedules that we can devote that time solely to our little ones.  There have been nights when Chad is up to his neck in study sessions for a huge exam the next day and still, he tries his darndest to get home to be with Griff before bed, only to leave again for several more hours of studying.  Griffin knows daddy will be home to tuck him in and I'm pretty sure it's his favorite part of the day.  Maybe Chad's too.

in other news, Chad started his summer semester this week after being home for a month.  I rather got used to having him here.  He's superman around the house.  My summer semester is 3 weeks under way and I'm managing, thanks to our new found sleep.  We had aunt woogie out for a visit last week and it was pure heaven having the extra help- and having another girl around.  We are so glad she came to stay and I miss her already.  The whole family has been sick numerous times over the last 6 weeks, and just when I think we're better, someone starts coughing again.  Summer is here and we've already been to the beach a couple of times.  I can't wait to go more.  griffin will be 2 in 10 days.  i'm counting. and im all sorts of nervous about letting my big boy turn 2.  its fun sure, but i still have a hard time letting my little ones become big.  after all, these last 2 years have been the best of my life.

Now, how do I get my big 2 year old to give up his pacifier?

love, us

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