Wednesday, August 24, 2011

griffin grux.

griffin grux sanders- born 6/10/11, 5 lbs 15 oz

He's here!  He's perfect, and I can't believe he's ours.
Griffin came to us almost four weeks early after i was admitted to the hospital with the flu and a heavy sinus infection.  The second day in the hospital, in the middle of the night I went into labor.  i'll never know how i got through it with my body having been so weak from the "bug".  chad was very helpful and patient with me through the whole thing.  thank goodness our baby is healthy and strong- and tiny!  Just a little peanut.

Chad and I are both musicians, songwriters and music lovers.  our very first date, was to a patty griffin concert.  patty's music has always been a source of inspiration to us both.  We named our son griffin.  yes, after patty griffin.  Grux is a nickname that was given by band mates to Leroi Moore, the late saxophonist of the dave matthews band.  his passing was a great loss to long time dmb fans.  Grux holds great meaning to chad in particular and the dmb album big whiskey and the groogrux king is kind of a big deal in our house.

there is really no describing what it feels like to have a child of your very own.  it's unlike anything I've ever experienced.  i always knew i would love being a mom but i could never have imagined just how special it really feels.  oh great, here i go... tearing up again.  this little baby is everything to me.  as i type, he sits on my lap looking from side to side and then up again at me- just happy to be here.  (of course we have had to stop this entry multiple times to change his wet diaper, drink his bottle, change his poopy diaper, finish drinking the bottle...).  motherhood is hard work.  it's physically and emotionally exhausting!  i've been sleep deprived for almost three months, had poop squirted all over me, been spit-up on every time i change my outfit and my house is a total mess most of the time- but it's so worth it.  it's worth it every time he smiles at me.  every time i get to rock and sing him to sleep.  every time he bats those long blond lashes.  every time he wraps his tiny fingers around mine.  i love this baby boy like I've never loved anything before.  He's my miracle.

Monday, August 22, 2011

a new blog.

greetings from the sanders family and welcome to our new blog. 

last weekend chad had an opportunity to play in eden as part of the arts festival so griffin and i decided to tag along and watch.  our baby boy is ten weeks old!  i can't believe how fast time just flies right by.  griff is growing up way, way too fast and i don't think i'm going to allow it to continue.  lately he's been smiling at us all day (especially in the mornings) and making tons of funny noises and sighs.  griffin loves his dad.  i've watched as those two have become best friends over the past few weeks.  chad is such a great dad, it's all very cute.  oh, what a happy baby i have...i cant believe how much i love being his mommy.  he's brought so much love and joy into our lives.  more on all of that later.  enjoy.

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