Monday, October 22, 2012


just a few fun shots from last week, via my iphone.
1. we spent all day friday at the beach with jon & cass, our good friends from utah.
2. Chad & griffey at the Southern Ground music festival- saw the avett brothers!
3. motorcycle rides.
4. grocery shopping with mama (17months).
5. i'm totally parking here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

so, how far is too far?

okay, let's talk.  i haven't stopped craving Cafe Rio since we moved to the east May.  I know Charleston is supposed to be known for it's amazing food and all but I've been less than impressed with just about everything local (ooo except the farmers market with the yummiest peaches ever).  and... everything is hideously expensive.  is it too much to ask to get a sweet tomatoes (souplantation) up in here??!  I do tend to have some irrational thoughts from time to time- as I'm now 31 weeks pregnant.  Tell me, is it too unreasonable to drive 8 hours to Virginia for some Cafe Rio?  because i'm seriously considering it.

and now, back to homework. and babies.

love, us.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


No joke, this little boy asks for "pancake" every single morning.  and usually most afternoons too when it's lunch time.  and, it's just so adorable when he says it, i melt, and then we have to make them.  and by we, i mean daddy.  it all started with daddy anyway.  griffey loves the weekends when daddy is home all day and doesn't go to school.  he's very territorial with his dada you see.  he's just not interested in anything or anyone else, and it's actually kind of nice because then i get a break.  anyway, it started a while back when chad was deemed in charge of Saturday morning breakfasts.  he makes a mean pancake and so i'd usually request them.  last week at 7am we had pulled him into our bed to snuggle and chad asked him what he wanted for breakfast and out of nowhere we heard "mmmmm, pancake".  hilarious!  In other news: HE WALKS!  Just last weekend Griffin started walking... and we love it.  i can't believe how cute it is, the little noodle legs waddling back and forth.  he's SO proud of himself- and we can't get enough of it.

love, us
happy weekend!
ps, it's 80 degrees in October here in Charleston.  Fall just won't cooperate.
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