Sunday, November 16, 2014


Griff says the darndest things.

"Mama, I'm gonna graduate.  But not in a church. They will have treats, and cookies and lemonade.  Will you come watch me?"  Said in the days following Chad's commencement, which was held in a church and afterwards these refreshments were served.

"Dada, you got a job yet?"  Said in the weeks following graduation pretty much daily.

"Mama, I got a job in Chawelston.  It was a number three job."  Meaning Toy Story 3, the movie.

Mom- "Griff, how do you feel about moving to Utah?"  Griff- "I think it's... great!  I think it's not perfect but we can try."

"Mom, I need wifi."

"My belly will be sick if I eat veggies.  My belly wants cake."

Aunt wooge- "Griff, come eat your pizza."  Griff  "Aye, Aye wooge."  Pirate themes are big around here.

"Mom I really like Charleston, I miss it.  But... that's okay.  Dad will take good care of us."

"I used to paint when I was your age."  Said to Chad as they were painting our new apartment.

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