Monday, June 25, 2012

on his way.

i think those were the first words out of my mouth.  is this a joke?  and then chad laughed, and i cried.  and i'm pretty sure we spent the next month trying to figure out just how it all happened.

PREGNANT.  Baby no. 2 is on his way.  That's correct, I said his.  IT'S A BOY!
We had a very early ultrasound confirm the sex of baby.  Actually, the technicians weren't even allowed to comment on the subject so early on, but- it was evident and there was little room for error (let me tell you!).  I'm 15 weeks along and already have a bump to prove it.  After weeks of processing this info (and trying to ignore it) and enduring the morning sickness,  i think we're pretty darn excited.  seriously, is first trimester fun for anybody?!

Sometimes, the best things in life, you don't choose, they just happen and, It took me a while to come around to this, i admit.  i mean, i know it all sounds a bit silly now but, i had a really hard time letting go of my fears and the fact that i didn't plan this!  How could i be a good mommy to 2 babies at once?  Do i have enough love, time and attention for another one?  I deffinatly don't have the energy.  When does one find the time for things like showering when there are 2 kiddos?  I realize tons of mommies are doing it and have done it- and i salute you and ask for advice!  But, i think this feels just a little bit harder knowing that i won't have help- we just moved 2000 miles away from our good friends and families (which is another post completely that i have yet to compose).

Babies are a blessing; that we know for sure.  we sure can't imagine life without our little griffey motoring around.  And, i can't keep from thinking this new little guy wanted so badly to come to earth and be with his big brother.  the boys will be 18 months apart and i can't wait to watch them pal around together.

Friday, June 22, 2012

happy birthday baby.

I can't believe he's one year old!  SERIOUSLY.  Where did the time go?  i'm so so so lucky to be his mommy.  literally, i think i have the sweetest baby on the planet.  he makes me laugh every single day.  at one, Griffey is a wild wild man.  he waves, smiles and says "hi"-all day long to's quite humorous.  we stop a whole lot of traffic wherever we go.  lately, G pulls himself up to everything and walks along the couch.  he takes steps if we hold his arms.  he says mama, mommy, dada, daddy, hi daddy, baby(kind of) and baba.  he shakes his head no (excuse me, who taught him that?), dances to music, sings to himself and adores rolling a baseball back and forth.  baby boy LOVES the beach.  i think he was born to be a fishy.  Griff loves to play with his aunts and uncles and cousin Beckett Flynn.  he has 4 bottom teeth and two top teeth just made an appearance this week.  his favorite foods are peaches, canteloupe, bananas, yogurt, black beans and cheerios.

Griff spent his 1st birthday in California with family (minus daddy who couldn't get away due to classes; don't worry, we had 2 parties).  everyone gathered together for my grandma's funeral.  it turned out to be a very bittersweet weekend.  we are so happy gran is out of pain and with grandpa again.  i think of her every time i play the piano.  I'm so thankful i was blessed with a slice of her musical gifts.  she was a very talented musician, although she'd never admit to it in a hundred years.  we love you gran.

ps, traveling alone with a baby really wears me out.  more posts to come soon.
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