Sunday, February 28, 2016


Seriously, what?  Did I really not post these Christmas card photos?  I'm slacking in the blog department.  Blame it on the day job- three kids has got me in some sort of haze, man.  Moving on.

If you think these photos look somewhat reminiscent of The Sound of Music, good!  This is exactly what I was going for in my head.  Look at that mountain please, does it not scream the hills are alive?  There was snow on the ground, the children were in sweaters, the baby had a bonnet, all good things.  I love my dress and I love that I found it on clearance for 12 dollars or so- one hour before this shoot.  Love me some Loft clearance racks.  

Also, how cute are my babies?  Every second I look up they're breaking my heart again, growing up and things.  Griffin with that cutie smile and a comb over.  Avett, sweetly talking to his sister.  Most days he just scares the crap out of her with his loudness and crying.  He just SO LOUD.  Speaking of crying, I do believe each child took a turn during this 20 minute frigid, sound of music photo session.  Poor lydia, she gets stuck shooting all of our family photos.  At least the good ones.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Baby Jane, 11 weeks.

This girl is so much fun... lately she's always smiling and happy.  She's growing at lighting speed and we really need to find a way to slow this whole thing down.  I love every day I get to spend with this little peanut, my baby janey.
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