Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Snow Play, 3/4/15.

We had our first real blizzard this morning.  The very first time there was enough snow to warrant the putting on snow gear process.  I can't look at some of these photos without laughing out loud- their puffy little jackets and rosy cheeks. The way Avett waddled around in his snow bibs and boots that were too big.  Griffin protested his mittens, until he realized it would be near impossible to throw snowballs without them.  Daddy helped them make a snowman and from our front window, they have regularly been checking up on "frosty".

I can't believe how big these boys have gotten.  Avey corrects me quite frequently, "I not a baby, I a big boy, mama." And I can't help but laugh and tell him how right he is.  He follows his brother around, watching and doing everything Griffin does.  I routinely get asked if they are twins by strangers, and it's not so far off- they are nearly the same size now.  Honestly, when did they get this big?  I really just blinked and here we are two years later, how did this happen?  And then there's the bittersweetness that comes from the constant changing and growing.  Oh, how I love and live for these boys.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


photo taken by griffin

Honestly, I can't believe he's four today.  I cannot believe the time has flown by that fast.  We've been so busy with moving to utah, Chad starting a new job, buying a new house and my pregnancy- that the days have just run together. Today, at the crack of dawn Griffin woke us to see his new birthday surprise.  He was so excited to wear his new helmet and ride his new bike that he couldn't be bothered with things like getting dressed or eating breakfast.  We headed straight outside to try it out. He was so cute trying to figure out the balance bike and I must say, as the day went on he got better and better at it.  I managed to get a few action shots- as he's not much for smiling for the camera these days. Avett wanted in on the action too, of course, and took his turn riding around.  Only in his undies because the potty training is in full force.  Do what yah gotta do, man.  We let griffin choose where we went to eat for lunch and dinner, chick-fil-a and subway, his favorites.  We went to the park to ride more bikes and hit baseballs off his tee.  He loved his homemade cake and the gifts that his brother picked out and wrapped for him.  It was so sweet watching him act proud of his new age and how he told everyone that today was his special day.

Griffin's current favorites at 4 include:
Spiderman, though he's never seen it and I still think it's far too violent for such a little guy
the color orange
earning rewards from his sticker charts
Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Toy story, Cars and Planes
Cheerios for breakfast
spaghetti for lunch and dinner (i only buy wheat noodles!)
peaches, pears or mandarin oranges (we call them peter pan oranges) as the fruit of choice
still working on the vegetable of choice, not really getting anywhere
wheat bread only, no white (how awesome is that?)
his daddy
his brother, sometimes
the idea of his baby sister
his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents
the beach
Charleston and the things he remembers about being there
not wearing shoes, ever
choosing his own clothes, usually some character tee with basketball shorts

We love you Griffin!  We are so lucky and so proud to call you ours.

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