Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Snow Play, 3/4/15.

We had our first real blizzard this morning.  The very first time there was enough snow to warrant the putting on snow gear process.  I can't look at some of these photos without laughing out loud- their puffy little jackets and rosy cheeks. The way Avett waddled around in his snow bibs and boots that were too big.  Griffin protested his mittens, until he realized it would be near impossible to throw snowballs without them.  Daddy helped them make a snowman and from our front window, they have regularly been checking up on "frosty".

I can't believe how big these boys have gotten.  Avey corrects me quite frequently, "I not a baby, I a big boy, mama." And I can't help but laugh and tell him how right he is.  He follows his brother around, watching and doing everything Griffin does.  I routinely get asked if they are twins by strangers, and it's not so far off- they are nearly the same size now.  Honestly, when did they get this big?  I really just blinked and here we are two years later, how did this happen?  And then there's the bittersweetness that comes from the constant changing and growing.  Oh, how I love and live for these boys.

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