Tuesday, September 18, 2012

you & i, we're the same.

kind of our new favorite around here.  we love the avett brothers in this house!
we can't wait until they come to our charleston southern music festival in october...

love, us.

Monday, September 17, 2012

sister visits.

My little sister courtney came for a week long visit with her 13 month old, beckett.  it's been so much fun showing her our beautiful city!  here's a few of our photos from this weekend when we all hiked the Ravenel Bridge.  and when i say hiked, i do mean hiked.  it was quite challenging for me with new baby boy along for the ride!

Happy new week!
love, us.

Monday, September 10, 2012


we spent our sunday evening at the beach.  it was the perfect temperature outside, the water was warm, and griffin grux was in heaven.  clearly.  i cant believe we're lucky enough to call this home!  in other news: fall semester is in full swing for mama and daddy.  i actually look forward to my school work in the evenings or during nap time.  strange as it sounds, it gives me something of my very own to focus on.  something that has nothing to do with babies or being mom.

auntie courtney and baby beckett are coming for a week long visit this tuesday!  we are so excited to have our first visitors and for the boys to have a little playmate for a whole week!  not to mention, i get to pal around with my sis.  also, i'm seriously starting to feel pregnant- a week and a half shy of the 3rd trimester.

mama@26 weeks.

griffin@15 months.

happy monday.
love, us.
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