Thursday, December 22, 2011

more on " ma-ma."

They all say da-da first.  Or at least, that's what everyone told me.  So, I really wasn't giving much thought to my baby's first words- if you can call them that.  It's more like babbling, actually.  And somewhere in there you might get something that sounds like a word.  And then, of course, it's embellished by the new parents and before you know it, the news is all over Facebook.  Anyway, our experience went something like that.  Only, instead of da-da... it was ma-ma.  

The first time it happened I was shocked.  Of course I talk to my baby all day long, literally all day.  Griff and I discuss everything.  He's my little wingman, you know?  We really hadn't even worked on ma-ma but, I'd throw it out there occasionally.  Anyway, I was in the kitchen cooking up some yummy thing when, from the other room I heard a little "ma-ma." He looked at me, smiled and continued playing with his toys.  Oh, what a full heart I had that afternoon!  Lately, he says it all day and I'm sure he doesn't know that I'm mama or that it even means anything, but it's super exciting to hear.  Today, after refusing his bottle feeding twice, Griffy sat in his highchair, devouring his sweet potatoes and apples, saying mama- mixed with excited noises in between bites.  He's determined to let me know he's a big boy now and he'll do what he wants.  It's kind of hilarious.  Even at six months my kid is independent.  Tiny moments like that make each day so fun and worth all of the sacrifice.  Sometimes I feel like my life has become one BIG sacrifice.  And then I think back to much more selfish times, before baby was ever around and I can't even really picture my life without him- or without my sweet husband.  I'm pretty sure we were always supposed to be together like this.  Christmas has seemed so busy this year, so rushed with work schedules, graduate school deadlines, caring for baby boy, no money and planning to be with family for the holidays.  I hate feeling rushed, always have.  I love the slow, quiet moments when I can just sit and think about how grateful I am for my blessings in life.  I'm so thankful for the daily sacrifices I get to make, for the ones my hubby makes for me and for the love and joy that fills our home.  Merry Christmas, indeed.

Lunch with Griffin from Ashlee Sanders on Vimeo.

Monday, December 19, 2011

solids and Christmas.

I know it doesn't look like we get anything in his mouth but I promise he loves those sweet potatoes.  Six months old and Griff loves his solids.  So far his favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and bananas.  It's pretty funny to see how he reacts to each new food.  I'm so glad he's turning out to be a good eater... so far.  This month, Griffey said mama!  Mostly, he just copies what I say to him but I think it counts!  Oh we just love him to pieces around here.  With Christmas next week and grad school application deadlines around the corner, we've kept ourselves quite busy.  We've decorated our little Christmas tree, have serious plans for sugar cookies and we can't wait to visit family in California for the holidays.  Merry Christmas to all!    

Friday, November 11, 2011

we hope they let us in.

hi guys.  we've been all sorts of busy around here this week.  Chad took his big graduate school test- GRE yesterday.  It was pretty brutal for him taking this 4 hour test after working all day-but we think he did pretty well.  Now, on to the applications.  As it stands (and we've debated for months on every possible school; these are based on cost, acceptance rate, and final exam pass rates) our top 4 schools are:


can you guess which ones are mama's top choices?  I'm of course pulling for UNC or MUSC.  however, the U and ISU would give us in state tuition and just seem a bit easier right now.  and then there is the thought that we may not get in to any of those, which would just be dreadful- so i won't even continue to speak of such nonsense.  the right school will make itself known, we hope :)  I'm so proud of my hard working husband!  

the deadlines.
* You can find Griff's cute bear hat here, by Emmamade.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

five months old is way too big.

in three days, my little baby will be five months old and my goodness, it's bittersweet.  i wish i could push pause, stop time and keep my little one exactly the way he is.  he's perfect.  these five months have been perfect.  i have loved learning about being a mom and have loved watching chad learn about being a dad.  it's strange how it seems to come so naturally- and just when i think i could not love this little guy more, my heart expands again.  tonight we had a bawl, laughing and laughing and giggling and playing.  oh but he has the cutest giggle on the planet!  at five months, griffin loves peek-a-boo, paddy-cake and singing all about the monkeys jumping on the bed.  he loves taking a tubby with dad (you know, in the big boy tub), watching gretschen- our german shepherd, and talking- more like squawking, all day long.  he loves reading books and tries grabbing at the pages.  he's starting to like his toys, particularly his sock monkey and chain links that we've attached to his car seat.  he DOES NOT love his car seat.  he hates being strapped in and not being able to see everything and everyone during our car rides.  he does better when i reach back and hold his little hand.  we have recently discovered how attentive he is to music.  almost like magic, every time we play David Gray, he turns silent and goes wide eyed.  he can be screaming at the top of his lungs while in his seat and as soon as we put on DG, I'm not even kidding you- silence...all the way home.  it's hysterical and for whatever reason, he is enchanted by music.  of course, we love it.  griffy loves his mom and dad and smiles bigger than you can imagine every time we go to get him out of his crib.  he hasn't been sleeping as well because of the teething- but we're hoping this is just a phase.  he loves snuggling in the morning in our bed and i think it's dad's favorite part of the day too.  basically, we can't imagine life without our little dude.  and- i still can't believe how lucky i am, really- to have my husband and sweet baby.  life is amazing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i had to buy the hat.

you would have too if this was your baby.  your first baby boy, who was in love with his sock monkey.  goodness knows we didn't have the extra money this month, with husband applying to grad schools and all.  but, it's turned cold here this week.  like really cold.  so cold that just yesterday i was told we needed to do a better job of keeping griffy warm.  and by we, I'm sure the husband meant me.  since we all know, husbands are like human heaters.  i'm always freezing.  so really, i had no other option than to buy the hat.  i mean, my baby is practically bald for gosh sakes.

yes, this is the discussion we will have when daddy comes home from work.  i am sure of it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

and we're teething.

it's not all fun and games around here...

happy weekend!
love, the sanders crew

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Utes!

I know it may look like I force my handsome husband to pose but I swear, I don't.  Maybe a little bit.  But this is for posterity here people.  I mean, I have nightmares that my kid will one day ask me, "mom, how come there are no pictures of me when I was little?"  Breaks my heart.  And that is why mom gets a little crazy when it comes to photos.  But really, aren't they cute in their matching Utah outfits?  All suited up before the big game!  Go Utes. Oh!  PS...Griff is 4 months old this week!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

on the porch.

We took these when griff was almost two months old.  The weather was so nice here in August, we just couldn't resist a summertime barbecue outside on the porch.

our little storybook house in Ogden.

Lydia Gravis photography, part two.

i know, i know- i'm sort of slacking on the blog already.  We've been out of town for the past 2 weeks and are finally back home.  Now i have time for really important things, like blogging.  Hah.  More later on what we've been up to while away from home.  But first, part deux of mrs lydia.

all images copyright of lydia gravis.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

lydia gravis photography, part one.

your work is stunning, lydia.  i can't ever thank you enough.

all images copyright of lydia gravis.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

bath time with dad.

just a few bath time photos of the boys.  Watching these two last week was so adorable i could hardly stand it.  i love griffin and his little expressions as he watches chad so attentively.  he thinks dad is seriously cool.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

griffin grux.

griffin grux sanders- born 6/10/11, 5 lbs 15 oz

He's here!  He's perfect, and I can't believe he's ours.
Griffin came to us almost four weeks early after i was admitted to the hospital with the flu and a heavy sinus infection.  The second day in the hospital, in the middle of the night I went into labor.  i'll never know how i got through it with my body having been so weak from the "bug".  chad was very helpful and patient with me through the whole thing.  thank goodness our baby is healthy and strong- and tiny!  Just a little peanut.

Chad and I are both musicians, songwriters and music lovers.  our very first date, was to a patty griffin concert.  patty's music has always been a source of inspiration to us both.  We named our son griffin.  yes, after patty griffin.  Grux is a nickname that was given by band mates to Leroi Moore, the late saxophonist of the dave matthews band.  his passing was a great loss to long time dmb fans.  Grux holds great meaning to chad in particular and the dmb album big whiskey and the groogrux king is kind of a big deal in our house.

there is really no describing what it feels like to have a child of your very own.  it's unlike anything I've ever experienced.  i always knew i would love being a mom but i could never have imagined just how special it really feels.  oh great, here i go... tearing up again.  this little baby is everything to me.  as i type, he sits on my lap looking from side to side and then up again at me- just happy to be here.  (of course we have had to stop this entry multiple times to change his wet diaper, drink his bottle, change his poopy diaper, finish drinking the bottle...).  motherhood is hard work.  it's physically and emotionally exhausting!  i've been sleep deprived for almost three months, had poop squirted all over me, been spit-up on every time i change my outfit and my house is a total mess most of the time- but it's so worth it.  it's worth it every time he smiles at me.  every time i get to rock and sing him to sleep.  every time he bats those long blond lashes.  every time he wraps his tiny fingers around mine.  i love this baby boy like I've never loved anything before.  He's my miracle.

Monday, August 22, 2011

a new blog.

greetings from the sanders family and welcome to our new blog. 

last weekend chad had an opportunity to play in eden as part of the arts festival so griffin and i decided to tag along and watch.  our baby boy is ten weeks old!  i can't believe how fast time just flies right by.  griff is growing up way, way too fast and i don't think i'm going to allow it to continue.  lately he's been smiling at us all day (especially in the mornings) and making tons of funny noises and sighs.  griffin loves his dad.  i've watched as those two have become best friends over the past few weeks.  chad is such a great dad, it's all very cute.  oh, what a happy baby i have...i cant believe how much i love being his mommy.  he's brought so much love and joy into our lives.  more on all of that later.  enjoy.

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