Sunday, November 6, 2011

five months old is way too big.

in three days, my little baby will be five months old and my goodness, it's bittersweet.  i wish i could push pause, stop time and keep my little one exactly the way he is.  he's perfect.  these five months have been perfect.  i have loved learning about being a mom and have loved watching chad learn about being a dad.  it's strange how it seems to come so naturally- and just when i think i could not love this little guy more, my heart expands again.  tonight we had a bawl, laughing and laughing and giggling and playing.  oh but he has the cutest giggle on the planet!  at five months, griffin loves peek-a-boo, paddy-cake and singing all about the monkeys jumping on the bed.  he loves taking a tubby with dad (you know, in the big boy tub), watching gretschen- our german shepherd, and talking- more like squawking, all day long.  he loves reading books and tries grabbing at the pages.  he's starting to like his toys, particularly his sock monkey and chain links that we've attached to his car seat.  he DOES NOT love his car seat.  he hates being strapped in and not being able to see everything and everyone during our car rides.  he does better when i reach back and hold his little hand.  we have recently discovered how attentive he is to music.  almost like magic, every time we play David Gray, he turns silent and goes wide eyed.  he can be screaming at the top of his lungs while in his seat and as soon as we put on DG, I'm not even kidding you- silence...all the way home.  it's hysterical and for whatever reason, he is enchanted by music.  of course, we love it.  griffy loves his mom and dad and smiles bigger than you can imagine every time we go to get him out of his crib.  he hasn't been sleeping as well because of the teething- but we're hoping this is just a phase.  he loves snuggling in the morning in our bed and i think it's dad's favorite part of the day too.  basically, we can't imagine life without our little dude.  and- i still can't believe how lucky i am, really- to have my husband and sweet baby.  life is amazing.


  1. Five months definitely turns a corner, I think. The newborn stage is long gone, but they are getting to be so much fun somehow it makes it ok. I'm so happy to see you so happy, Ash. Sounds like life is suiting you well right now!

  2. His blue eyes could melt me! I love these pictures. 5 months already? That goes by so fast.


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