Thursday, November 3, 2011

i had to buy the hat.

you would have too if this was your baby.  your first baby boy, who was in love with his sock monkey.  goodness knows we didn't have the extra money this month, with husband applying to grad schools and all.  but, it's turned cold here this week.  like really cold.  so cold that just yesterday i was told we needed to do a better job of keeping griffy warm.  and by we, I'm sure the husband meant me.  since we all know, husbands are like human heaters.  i'm always freezing.  so really, i had no other option than to buy the hat.  i mean, my baby is practically bald for gosh sakes.

yes, this is the discussion we will have when daddy comes home from work.  i am sure of it.


  1. Just have him look at the blog. I was sold.

  2. Love that hat! Does it come in bigger sizes? Lol.

  3. We just bought Beckster the same hat...the kids head is too big for the baby hats, but that one is for big kids and we got the xs. They are twins.


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