Thursday, October 6, 2011

on the porch.

We took these when griff was almost two months old.  The weather was so nice here in August, we just couldn't resist a summertime barbecue outside on the porch.

our little storybook house in Ogden.


  1. Oh gosh he's so dang cute! As is his mummy. Ok so I've been asking everyone when this train thing is going to be done, and everyone says pretty much not for 100 years. Perfect.

  2. Great pics! Did you take these? I love that you got a pic of your cute house - makes me think I need to take one of my not-so-cute house... ya know, for posterity :) Oh & ps love your glasses!

  3. We did take these ourselves...chad is to credit for the cute ones of me and baby. And hello- your house is my muse! it's hideously darling.


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