Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It all feels like a fairytale, these photos of us last summer where we used to live.  While change can be a good thing and there have been many advantages to our current situation, it hurts to stretch when we don't want to.  I haven't been adjusting to our new city as well as I would have hoped and the strange desert climate and dry air have really taken a toll.  I've been missing the humid summer days at the beach and the lazy afternoons the boys and I spent, just us- running around in the sunshine and splashing in the warm salty waves. When sunscreen and bug spray could be found in my purse, the car and several spots around the house. When I'd find sand everywhere- even after I swore I had cleaned it all up.  When we never ever wore shoes, or pants, or jackets.  I'll treasure these moments forever, when the boys were this little. And how, even on the days when I thought this two kid thing without a paycheck was too much to manage, life by the beach always made everything better.  We never grew tired of this place and I'm sure we never will.

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