Thursday, July 21, 2016


 I cannot for the life of me get this girl to look at the camera and smile.  She's been teething and is moody right now. Ten months and this girl is a mover!  She crawls everywhere, stands everywhere and looks at me like she's unstoppable. She loves playing in her little kitchen we made for her and the boys.  Lots of baby babbling, squealing and her first tooth just came out today!  Her favorites: watermelon, sweet potatoes, avocado, black beans, bananas, Yes- fine, she eats anything I give her.  She still sleeps through the night and loves her one looooong snoozy nap in the afternoon.  Little miss has been demanding that we read five times a day by yelling and pointing at where we keep her books on the wall. She will do this every time we walk in and out of her room.  Throws a complete fit if we don't stop and read those darn books.

Life with Jane is full.  She's happy, healthy and sweet- I couldn't ask for anything more.  I wonder how we'd ever get along without her.  She's brought so much fun and happiness to our home.  I love my girl and her patience with me as we've had to figure out how to manage time with three babes.  She just sits and waits her turn and if I've forgotten her (it happens) she lets out a little yelp and a smile.  Tonight we put all the kids in the tub together- I think it's the very first time they've all bathed at once.  Jane was thrilled to be in the big tub, she usually gets the kitchen sink.  She went bananas in there with her brothers, so big and proud of herself.  The splashing and dancing did not end until I made her get out.  She loves her time with the boys and daddy.  Nobody can make her laugh the way that Griffin can.

At bed time we still sing our lullabies and rock.  The boys never really let me rock them for very long or cuddle them too much- but jane will sit with me, her head on my chest and hold my hand.  She'll look up at me every few minutes and point to the things around her room.  I could just rock there in the dark with her forever, there's nothing I love more.  Do not grow up my sweet, sweet girl.

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