Sunday, January 5, 2014

Avett's 1st birthday.

The baby had a birthday.  This year, it fell on Thanksgiving Day.  Words don't adequately express it, but we have so much to be thankful for.  While we were in the middle of Chad's viral meningitis attack, it was nice to think about something else all day.  Grandma Lana was here helping with the kids while Chad rested, and I finished my semester.  A didn't love eating his cake, but my kids have never cared much for sugar.  Until our pediatrician had to go and put a sucker bucket by the door.  "Orange sucker" is now part of our daily conversation.

I deffinately am having a hard time letting this one grow up.  I know I probably said that about Griffin too, but gosh.  It doesn't get any easier.

Avett claps when we say "yay", rocks back and forth when he hears music, shakes his head no for no apparent reason other than cuteness, uses his baby sign language, and waves hi with both hands at once.  A two handed wave is out of this world adorable.

This baby is my reader.  he prefers to read alone, I just slow him down.

I miss nursing him.  He only misses it when he needs comfort.  It's been a deeply difficult experience letting that part of us change.

I miss sleeping with him early in the mornings, before anyone else was awake.

He is starting to want his dada more and more.  Which means, less of me.  It is nice to see them finally developing their bond and it's hard not being his only go-to.

I really do feel like I'm blessed beyond measure.  My kids are kind-hearted rockstars and my husband is as solid as they come.  Lately at night he's been telling me how he's the luckiest dad to go to bed knowing he has the best family in the world.  Our life is simple, busy and exhausting.  We live in a paradise where the weather is amazing, the water is nearby, the people are friendly and we have exactly what we need.  And, now that we are starting to feel settled, Chad's schooling is coming to an end.  We do not know yet where a job may lead us.  But, come August, we may be experiencing more radical shifts.

Happy Birthday, baby Avey.

Love, us.


  1. I'm praying you guys move back this way- oh how I wish! Ps I love the two hand wave and smiles with teef


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