Thursday, May 15, 2014

Griff Says.

A few months ago, I started writing down the funny things that Griff says.  He's just so funny and so clever, the kid is only 2.  I don't know where he learns this stuff.  The little mannerisms he gives me are the best part.  I laugh every time.

One early morning as I'm stumbling down the stairs exhausted, he looks right at me and says, "mama, you go back to bed?"
"Mama, I hear that birdie.  He go twee twee twee."
"Oh!  My socca ball!  I kick, I gonna show you mama."
"Uncle buddy, he play hap ball (football).  He go hut, hut, hut."
"Ashee, come here!"
"I tell you mama, I tell you."  Trying to say I told you.
"I need snack.  Have cheese.  Salsa too."
"Ouch, bonk headie."
After Avett clearly tooted, Mom: "Everybody toots sometimes."  Griff: "And diarrhea."
Mom: "I get so tired sometimes." Griff: "You take break?"
"You ready mama, to roll?"  Said as we are getting ready to leave the house.
"I got my moves."  Said as we're dancing.
Griff: "I need some mintees."  Mom: "Mints?"  G: "Yes, mints."
"I ride a horse, Avett ride a horse, mama ride a horse, dada ride a pig."
"You wanna piece of me?" Quoting Toy Story.
Griff: "Mama, I got some boogers." Mom: "Do you want me to get you a tissue?" G: "No, dada do it after work." It was only 9am.
"Woah there cowboy."
"Mama, you're a great baby-sitter."
Mom: "Do you know why you were in time out?" Griff: He will always come up with some wild story and then default to, "well, because I not listen to you."  He's not entirely wrong here.

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  1. This is hysterical- I love "You take break?" and "Mama, you go back to bed?" and who can forget babysitter haha


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