Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Film by my Little Brother.

My brother and his wife have been here visiting this week and boy has it been a blast!  We've been all over Charleston showing them the sights and taking in more beach.  Give me more beach.  Apparently, my brother has a talent with that little Gopro camera of his.  He shot snippets of us all week and I hardly would have imagined this cute film would come together so beautifully.  I love how he put music to it and used Griffin's favorite song of all time.  Thank you so much bud!  We are so glad family could be in town today for Chad's 39th birthday.  Happy birthday to my hubby!!!


  1. This is so adorable and I've probably watched it 4 times. Bud.. the videographer... weird and awesome. Your boys sure love you guys. So sweet. Can you please have number 3 now? I'll come visit? Ok thanks.

    1. It was all very hysterical watching him film. I'm pretty sure I teased him in the beginning until I saw how cool it was! You are required to visit if I have any more babies.


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