Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking Stock 01

Making : ridiculous amounts of fresh veggie juice daily.  i guess i am a real hippie.
Cooking : much cleaner than i used to.  it feels good.
Drinking : my morning cup.  it's still really hard to wake up and get moving.  even after 2 kids.  even with exercise.
Reading: design blogs and dreaming of our future home.  
Wanting: more beach days.
Looking: at my boys everyday and thinkingoh my gosh they've really grown.
Playing: at the park; puzzles and trains.  
Wasting: our evenings on the couch, watching way too much White Collar with my hubby.  Addicts.  Thanks Court.
Wishing: these babies would stay the same forever.  forever needing me.
Enjoying: all the high fives.  how avett says "yeyow" for applesauce and uses his baby sign language.
Waiting: for his teeth to come in so we can all get some relief.
Liking: the spring weather in Charleston.  Perfect, warm and breezy.  I know too well what's around the corner.
Wondering: where my husband will accept a job and what new city will welcome us next.
Loving: that graduation is around the corner.  july.  i can't believe its here already.
Hoping: for lots of visitors this summer.  i love when people come.
Marveling: at how beautiful this city really is.  
Needing: a haircut.  i can't even say how long its been.  i'm too embarrassed.
Smelling: my boys.  hoping i never forget what they smell like as babes.
Wearing: shorts way more than i ever have in years past.  yoga has given me a new found confidence in my athletic thighs.
Following: up with everything is hard to do.
Noticing: how lovely my indoor plants make me feel.  i love bringing nature inside.
Knowing: i have to clean my whole house within the next 24 hours for company.
Thinking: about when to return for nursing school.  Is it really what I want to do?
Feeling: strong.
Bookmarking: activities we can do during the day.  art projects and such for almost 3 year olds.  omg, he's almost 3.
Opening: packages because i found something on clearance.  score.
Giggling: when griffin's pants fall down because he has no hips or bum.
Feeling: so blessed.  so lucky they're mine.
Taking stock found via Meet me at Mike's

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