Monday, April 7, 2014

I forgot to post about Halloween.

Back in October (5 months ago or something), we had Halloween.  I've never liked halloween or even really counted it as a holiday.  does it count?  I don't even know.  I always thought of it as a sugar-ridden rampage.  I mean, what exactly are we celebrating?  plus i scare easily so there's that.  But this year ( I mean last year), I experienced it with my two year old.  I want to remember this day and just how fun it was for him.  

Griffin dressed up as an elephant and Avett was the lion- G's costume from last year.  Can I just say how rad it is that I have 2 boys and we are able to recycle clothing around here?  I get so much use out of their clothes and shoes- I think it deserves a medal really.  Back to Halloween.  I listened to Griff talk about dressing up all week long, how he would be the elephant.  And then he would do his elephant voice, using his arm for a trunk.  Thank you Sesame Street.  The day of halloween, we practiced what he would say at a doorstep while trick or treating and I taught him how to hold out his pumpkin bucket for "treats".  Oh it was all so adorable watching him listen and then repeat my instructions.

We met up with his little friend Caroline and her cousins for trick or treating.  I wasn't quite sure how he would react to this whole walking around at night in costume, knocking on stranger's doors thing. He can be really shy around strangers.  and, rarely is he outside by the time it's dark.  Avett fell asleep the second he hit the stroller.  Stroller rides are his jam.  It took a couple of houses before G understood what we were doing.  Once he had it figured out, I could see it written all over his little face, he thought this was brilliant!  He started running to doorsteps, holding hands with Caroline, shouting "ready set go guys, go guys, go guys".  Every time he received more candy he would run back to the street and show each adult the new loot he had collected in his plastic pumpkin bucket.  He was so darn proud of that loot.  

By the end of the night, Griffin was carrying on conversations with strangers at their door steps.  He would let himself in, not stand on the porch but walk right into their homes, have a little chat and pet the family dog.  The best part was- Griff had no clue he could actually eat the candy he had collected.  It was all the thrill of the hunt for this boy.  Also, clearly chad is a professional when it comes to carving pumpkins.  I think I gave up half way through my preschool looking triangle-eyed one and made him finish it.  Halloween is not my favorite, but it sure was Griff's.

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