Friday, August 9, 2013

this is home.

...and in the words of tift merritt, (whom you should all know cause she's the real deal) home is loud.
so many things i love about this photo- i'm so glad a good friend snapped it yesterday.  it is rare that all four of us show up in a photo, getting griff to hold still is another story.  the days are oh so long right now but the months are short.  these little guys are keeping me busy along with school, which i don't quite understand how i'm even passing at the moment.  finding time for school work with 2 babes is kind of a joke.  but i'm so grateful for these boys.  every single day i think about how blessed i am to be this busy and tired!  i read something the other day that struck me, "today is the childhood your kids will remember."

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happy weekend to all.
love, us.

1 comment:

  1. This picture is quite the perfect explanation. Griffy loving life and avey just hanging out ha! So cute, love your little boys.


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