Friday, August 9, 2013

avey is 6 months, 2 months ago.

i wrote this when Avett was 6 months, fully intending to post it with cute pictures etc. but the time slipped away from me.  better late than never.  i love you baby A!  thanks for being patient with mama.

i didn't think it was possible to love another baby as much as my first.  but here you are avett chad, melting my heart every single day.  i'm so lucky to be your mama and i'm so glad you came to our family.  you have brought so much love and happiness to us.  now that you're here, i can't really imagine a life without you, my sweet sweet boy.

at 6 months old, you are past the colicky stage we all enjoyed so much.  my, but that was a lot of work.  you have one of the sweetest little spirits i think i've ever been around, a huge heart and love for every one.  most of the time you are very relaxed and happy to play with your toys or watch your older brother run around like a crazy person.  he is pretty entertaining, that's for sure.  its taken me a while to learn all of your cues and needs but id like to think i've gotten pretty good at knowing you.  last week we moved you into the big boy room so you could sleep with griffin.  you loved your crib immediately and looked rather comfy in it.  you're a light sleeper but have done very well sleeping through the night now that you're in your own bed.  We put you down by 8pm and you wake up the next morning around 730.  During the day you'll take 3 naps and you love to fall asleep in the car- making road trips your specialty!

we just started you on solid foods this week and you've done very well with carrots and bananas.  you love to nurse and i'm so glad we've gotten good at that!  you've mastered rolling over, tummy time and have been working hard on sitting up.  you love to be with the family and have a fascination for griffin and daddy.  if they are wrestling on the floor, you will let out wild screams as if to say you want to be part of the action.  you love the outdoors, listening to birds chirping and staring at the trees.  you like singing, peekaboo and reading books- or batting at all of the pages.  you're just so forgiving.  you dont get nearly the amount of one on one attention time i'd like to be giving you (which i feel guilty about) but you seem to be okay with it.  you smile at me all day long as if to say- it's ok mom, i know you love me too.  when your brother steals your toys or pacifiers, you just shrug it off and willingly give.  (he gets in trouble for that btw)  i love how you eat your toes.  i love how you smell.  i love your tiny little bum, your ears that stick out adorably, and how you make us laugh.

we wouldnt be the same without you baby boy.  you're ours and thank you, for making me grow in ways that i didn't even know i could.  thank you for being patient with me as i learn how to take care of two babies.  its important for you to know how special you are to this family, at this time.  we love you so much avey baby.

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  1. This is adorable. We love avey baby. And those pictures, I'm dying!


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