Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Making : time for my school schedule is absolutely a joke. I'm lucky to complete assignments at all.
Cooking : also a joke.
Drinking : tons of water since moving to this higher elevation. I still think we are all dehydrated.
Reading: text books. and library books. The SLC City library is such a cool place for the kids to hang out. 
Wanting: One more summer day at the beach, I didn't know how much I would miss it. 
Looking: up at the beautiful mountains that I used to take for granted years ago. They are just so massive. 
Playing: at the park and kids museum daily. 
Wasting: our evenings on the couch, watching way too much TV. We are loving The Voice this season. 
Wishing: we could find our forever home and stay there...moving is hard. 
Enjoying: how griffey wants to buy mama flowers every time we go to the grocery store. 
Waiting: for the snow to fall so we can officially start winter. The boys can't wait to play in it. Thanks to Frozen. 
Liking: white walls. 
Wondering: what to get my husband for Christmas. He's a simple fellow and doesn't require much. That's the problem. 
Loving: that this semester is just about o-v-e-r. 
Hoping: to buy our dream home next year. I can't wait to fix it up. 
Marveling: how much i love my children. They really are my purpose. 
Needing: my hair done. and my nails done. don't look at my feet, they need a pedi too. 
Smelling: probably like i could use a shower. 
Wearing: jackets and hats and mittens. and socks and shoes and pants. The whole thing is just weird. 
Following: my friends on instagram is so much fun. I love seeing what everyone is up to. 
Noticing: the little things my husband does to say i love you. 
Knowing: i can do this. 
Thinking: and changing my plan 5 different times until it feels right. 
Feeling: hurried since moving West. Nothing is rushed in the South. 
Bookmarking: interiors. 
Opening: my eyes to all the good things. 
Giggling: when Avett pulls me out of bed in the morning and says, "come on, come on". 
Feeling: like I haven't slept in years. Oh wait.

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  1. Humor. My favorite is enjoying how griff wants to buy mama flowers every time you go to the store. Such a sweet boy.


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