Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Griff: you carry on full conversations now and jump from one random idea to the next.  sometimes we just have to laugh because we have no idea where you come up with some of these phrases.  you've started to really take care of your brother saying things like, "shhhh, it's ok bud, you'll be ok".  You're still daddy's boy and we get along much better when he's around.  You've been fascinated with babies lately and have been asking for a baby in our family, to which I answer, "go ask your dad".  You love to ask questions about when you were a baby and every other sentence starts with... "when I was a baby" or "when you were my age".

Avett: we've entered a whiny phase that doesn't seem to be letting up.  You recently turned 2 and have  become interested in potty training.  a few times you've come to tell me you need to go and sure enough, when I thought you were no where near ready for this, there you are doing your business on the potty.  You've started speaking in sentences.  Yesterday, I counted 5 words put together.  I could not believe my ears.  Today you're favorite phrase was, "I guess so".  If you could live on fruit snacks alone, I believe you would.  That and cafe rio. #favorite.

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  1. ummm how come you don't post anymore? I think it's high time


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