Saturday, August 23, 2014

Graduation Day.

Today was graduation day.  I watched this morning as my husband carried our two little boys down the streets of Charleston and into the church with him.  Avett in one arm, Griff in the other.  We watched and waved as daddy marched proudly with his class.  Chad's parents flew out for the occasion, and how nice it was to have them sitting beside us.  Watching Chad throughout this day, I couldn't help but think of every step that he had taken to get here. Every hard thing we did together.  Every good moment, every miracle that got us through.  I could not hold back tears- there's a shocker.  I am so proud of Chad and how hard he worked when the going got really tough.  When the going sometimes felt impossible.  

When we started this journey over 2 years ago, I had one crawling baby and another growing inside of me.  Today they were both toddlers, waving and looking for daddy during his big ceremony.  I can't quite wrap my head around it yet, that this has all actually happened.  That this phase is ending.  I've grown used to the student way of living, I've adjusted.  Now here comes life wanting to change it all up on me again.  With change comes uncertainty and more bumps in the road, bumps that I admit I'm not ready for yet.

We've lived here in the South long enough that "y'all" has become a part of my daily vocabulary.  It snuck up on me. And now I've embraced the Southern talk because it's much easier than explaining to the locals why I wasn't raised saying things like, "all y'all".  Griff even notices.  He calls me out on it.  "Mama, I not y'all, I just Griff."

We love this city.  We love our beach.  We love our friends.  But it's more than that.  I brought a new born baby home to this apartment.  Here I've struggled.  I've learned how to be a mom to two at once and watched as they have grown into best friends.  Here we have learned how hard it is to be without family or community at arms reach.  Here we have created friendships to last a lifetime.  Here, we have battled sickness and seen healing miracles.  Here, we have found strength in each other.

I am so incredibly blessed to have these guys by my side.  I'm so thankful for the love that continues to flourish in our family.  And, on the days when I feel like I'm not enough- all three of them are there picking me up and giving me purpose.

Chad, I am so proud of you and your sacrifice for our family.  Today of all days, Chad was da-da first and distinguished graduate second.  He never ceases to impress me.


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