Saturday, August 2, 2014

Drama at the Park.

I'm the first to admit, my baby is a bit of a drama queen.  His brother takes his park toy, enter tears.  Brother gives back said park toy, everything is just peachy.  Until 2 minutes later when brother again does something undesirable.  More tears.

We've been spoiled with Chad's parents still in town for his graduation from MUSC.  Today the weather poured rain all morning and into the afternoon and there was nothing left to be done but take a trip to Costco, of course.  Costco is always a good back up plan when all other things fail.  Because, they have samples.  And double carts.  That's right, two seat belts for when things really go south.

The rain finally stopped long enough for us to run around the park for a while before dinner.  Thank goodness these boys got outside today, because it darn near killed us being cooped up due to our crazy thunder storms this week.  Joe and Lana sure are good sports to let us hang out with them, again.  Baseball is always a good time.

Love, us.

1 comment:

  1. Love these pictures, love you guys! What happened to baby Avett??!! He's so big!
    They are both so adorable.


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