Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our chalkboard wall.

in our old house in Ogden, we had a chalkboard wall.  i'm pretty sure it was Chad's idea to do it- and i'm so glad we did.  on the north wall of our kitchen, visitors, family and friends would all leave their mark with messages, pictures and quotes.  it was where chad and I left each other love notes, where my mom's famous cookie recipe was (because i can't ever remember it, i think i have to call one of my sisters for help every time i make them), where we kept track of grad school craziness- shown here, and where we wrote dumb stuff like phone numbers or the last dose of tylenol i gave the baby the night he got sick.  One time, my sweet husband tried to clean the wall and make more space for new messages.  When i saw what he had done, i strangely burst into tears (oh, the drama).  Until that moment, i hadn't understood just what that wall meant to me.  These were our memories.  and i loved seeing them everyday when i fed Griff or when we would all gather in the kitchen to make dinner.  Needless to say, we made new memories...but i think my very favorite was the day that we brought Griff home from the hospital.  Above our doorway, in big blue cursivey letters were the words, "Welcome home baby Griffin!!".  My sister Rachel had secretly made cute things around the house so that we would  have a memorable homecoming with our new baby.  Woogie, i can't thank you enough for that memory.

i have thought about starting again and painting a wall in our new place here in Charleston to carry on the tradition.  i don't think i can bring myself to do it yet.  having to leave our wall behind back in May was hard.  I didn't watch as the wall was cleaned completely.  in fact, im not sure if anyone wiped it clean at all.  if Chad did, he never told me about it (afraid of my reaction from last time, no doubt).  Our last day in the house, after all of the furniture was loaded into the moving truck and the rooms had been cleaned, the wall still remained- bright and cheerful as we said goodbye.  The great thing about memories is that...you CAN take them with you.  and we did, thank goodness.

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  1. Ah this is so sweet miss. Thanks for the nice shout out. I'm so glad you liked my weird little notes :) I think you need another chalk wall in SC. Best idea yet. Let the good times rollll! Miss you, lub you.


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