Friday, October 10, 2014


The water was so blue, it could not have been more beautiful.  This week we took a quick, much needed trip to meet Chad's parents up at Bear Lake.  Fall was the prefect time to drive through Logan and see the colors through the canyon.  Something about the cool mountain air makes me feel like I can breathe easy.  It was still warm out, but the lake was freezing.  My kids immediately thought they were at the beach and started stripping down once we got near the water.  I didn't have the heart to tell them no.

Utah is absolutely beautiful and if we had to leave Charleston, I'm glad it was to a view like this one.  The short answer is, we are doing fine.  It's still an adjustment.  My insides are a bit unsettled and we are all restless.  I think it's the trying to say goodbye to our old home that we loved so much and hello to this new one- all at the same time.  And it hasn't been such an easy thing.  The kids keep asking me to go to the beach, or back to our "real" house.  It hurts to try to explain it to them.

We moved a lot when I was a kid, my family was separated by several states and there were many changes.  I've never really known where home was even in my adult life.  After this past month of gut wrenching changes with my own kids, I've finally come to this conclusion.  Home isn't where your heart is or where it longs to be.  Home isn't necessarily where you were born or where you went to high school.  Home is wherever you are together.

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