Friday, September 6, 2013

brother, earning his stripes.

in other news, I may not have mentioned it here on our blog before but my little brother is playing college football for the Cougars.  This is his first year as a walk on.  Not only is he getting playing time, he's doing quite well.  the life of a walk on, or so i am told-(i know nothing of these things, so take this for what its worth) is no easy one.  He has to earn his place everyday.  nobody is handing out scholarships or giving him extra favors.  he earns it.

bud was always the littlest guy on the team, yet the most fierce.  which, really those are the funnest athletes to watch- in my opinion.  here he is now signing autographs and all and we could not be more proud.  i mean, we purchased cable and everything for the occasion.  cable.  and let me tell you, cable tv is a complete rip off.

love, us

* if you watch... his current number is 6, last name Thornton.  Sat 9/7, game time this week is 7pm EST on ESPN2.  you know we'll be glued to the tube.

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  1. What a fun post. Remember how the cootie is becoming famous?


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