Monday, February 11, 2013

to my griffey.

griffin at 18 months.

dear griffey,

i can't believe how big you've gotten lately.  you're growing up way too fast.  you've done so well sharing the spotlight with your new brother.  i'm so proud of you.  i love how smart you are.  i love how you understand every word i say and how sometimes, you pretend not to understand.  i love your little catch phrases like, "yah" and "K"- you answer one of these to everything, unless you're shaking your head no.  i love how you give hugs and kisses all day and how you make us laugh at your dancing, head banging and perfect rhythm.  i love how much you love bed time, your blankie and your crib.  i love that you're a great big brother to avey and that you try to make him stop crying by putting the paci in his mouth and stroking his head.  i love that you love the outdoors and how the beach is your favorite place to be.  i love that your new word this week is "heart" and that you put your little hand over your chest when you say it.  please never stop loving with that huge huge heart of yours, baby boy.  your daddy and i love you so much.  life is so wonderful because we have you.

love, mama.

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