Wednesday, November 14, 2012

These days of pregnancy.

daddy snapped this shot the other night at the beach.
lots of action going on around here.  it's another big test week for chad and he's nervous.  griffey has taken me for quite a ride this week.  splashing around in the toilet at the doctor's office was probably the highlight.  he thought the whole thing was hysterical.  gross!  leaving a urine sample while tending your toddler isn't the easiest task, let me just say.

baby may just show up sooner than we thought.  this pregnancy has been nothing like the last and so i'm not sure what to expect but- it certainly feels like he's ready to be here.  those darn braxton hicks!!  how is anyone supposed to tell the difference between "real" contractions and fake contractions?  we've had a talk, he and i, and i say he's not allowed to come before 37 weeks, or full term.  we'd like to avoid a NICU stay if at all possible.  hopefully, he listens to his mommy.


  1. Splashing in the toilet... and at the doctors office!? Holy cow, definition of naughtia! And this new little mr in your tummy will most likely follow in his wild man brother's foot steps. But that's ok, because I'm sure he'll be just as stinking cute while in the act of being naughty! Miss you miss, hope your monday was good and that you're hangin' in there! Lub you :)

  2. And you're welcome for the humorous pictures. Hi, story of our lives- me #1 and you/cordy #2.

  3. Oh man I am the exact same way about my hair hahaha I always want something new but dont... story of my life haha


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